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About Us

Many people today have a "bucket list" of dream destinations to travel to, such as Hawaii, Europe, the Gallapagos and other far off exotic places. We can help you achieve your dream by planning a customized itinerary that meets your travel needs. Let us be the ones to help you take your dreams and make them a reality.  Remember, no matter how busy your lives are there is a time to travel.

Biography : We would like to help make your travel experience the best ever.  To do this for you, we utilize what we have learned through our own travel. We began our travel experience cruising to many destinations. Later our travels took us to great locations including Germany, Sweden, Ireland, South Africa, Dubai, many Caribbean locations and Hawaii. Each time we booked a trip we came home and said what we would or would not do again. This experience is what we want to share with you so when you come home you only have to share your memories and know you did exactly what you wanted. In addition to planning for individual travels, we have also organized several group trips to Europe and would be able to assist you if you are planning this type of travel.

Top Destinations : Germany, South Africa, Safari, Ireland, Sweden, Caribbean, Hawaii

Specialties : Cruises (Ocean), Cruises (River), Group Travel, Mission Trips / Church Travel

Recent Trips : South Africa, Safari, Dubai, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska

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